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This Saturday, 17th March, sees the opening week of competition for the UFL III season.

Game one sees the heavily fancied Dragons taking on the Mavericks. With the first pick in the draft, the fire breathers have amassed a team with a lot of firepower. But the Mavericks also look strong and the indications are that - after last week's scrimmages - this could be tight, but the Vegas tipsters are backing the Dragons in a close one.

Game two sees reigning champions, the Wolf Pack, taking on the Mavericks. Will the Mavs be tired after their first game, or will they have clicked and be just too much for the Pack? The smart money is on the Mavs to take this, but the Pack have their ever present mastermind, Owen Yarwood and new coach Christian Oldcorn at the helm and they will be keen to repeat last year's success. . .

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