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Mark the day. At UFL HQ on the Academy campus in the heart of the UK the head coaches of the three teams that make up the UFL III Spring league chose their teams for the campaign.

The First round saw three differing, but equally dangerous players picked.

FIRST OVERALL PICK (Dragons) - Marquel Miller (USA)

All the way from California, the first overall pick arrived at the UFL only a few short weeks ago, but has already made a massive impact. The Dragons took advantage of their position to snag a player that impressed massively in the combine and is a threat all over the field on both sides of the ball

SECOND OVERALL PICK (Mavericks) - Krishan Johnson

Krishan has been an Academy Assassin for three years now and has improved as his measurables have improved - rapidly. Krishan is solid on both sides of the ball, a comanding QB and receiver and with impeccable credentials as a defensive back..

THIRD OVERALL PICK (Wolf Pack) - Alfie Thompson

Alfie is the middle of the Thompson triumvirate, but is starting to forge a solid reputation of his won as a receiver and defensive back. His strongest side, however, is his unflappable confidence and team spirit - always a great person to have in the huddle.





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