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On a bright and breezy late spring morning the players, coaches and staff of the UFL gathered for the final big event of the pre season, the second ever Draft of the Leeds Academy's Ultimate Flag League.

The atmosphere was electric in "The Pavilion" as the war rooms sparked into action and the cameras beamed the images of the first round worldwide. The first round picks were received with rapturous applause

The UFL I last placed Hawks were gifted the first pick and they swooped in for the talented Oscar O'Connor

Joe McDonagh, Krishan Johnson and Reeve Landau swiftly followed under the gaze of the watching world FOOTAGE HERE

As the draft settled into the lower rounds, the usual theatre was played out... Heckling, cheers, boos and clapping for each move in the heated exchanges between the team's War Rooms. The final lineups for each team are:

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