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The Leeds Academy was thrilled that the second season of UFL competition was such a success. A new franchise, record numbers for attendance, graduating players contributing to the Academy's U17 contact team and of course a super competitive season.

Of course all our players have individually contributed to the success and we want them all to know that they are valued as both players and also massive contributors to the spirit of the league. But over the course of the year we also like to celebrate those who have excelled.

This year we have been blessed to have so many superb competitors, named previously as Franchise players, first round draft picks, game MVP's and members of the All UFL offence and defence.

On to our UFL League MVP. Named Game MVP more than any other player, Matty Cooper has been a revelation this season. He led his Hawks team on the field in the Quarterback position, he could have been overwhelmed by the reputation of his older brother and UFL Alumni Cam. However, Matty has grown in stature over the year, taking his team to within one 2 PAT of taking the Ultimate Bowl into overtime.

We at UFL Head Office have marvelled as we watched him stay composed in the face of defensive pressure in the pocket to make some remarkable clutch passes, mazy runs and multiple scoring throws from the offensive backfield.

For this, we are proud to pronounce the Hawks starting Quarterback, Matty "Rocky Top" Cooper, UFL II League MVP.

We would also like to pay tribute to another outstanding individual.

Owen Yarwood has proved that as a Quarterback he has great ability, but as a leader off the field he was instrumental in the success of the Wolf Pack in gaining their Ultimate Bowl championship. Despite the fact that the coaches for their team have been unable to make every game, some weeks the team led by our awesome UFL Leaders, he led the team on and off the field to a Championship title with a mix of clever play and more importantly clever coaching. For this he has earned the title of UFL Personality of the Year.

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