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As Commissioner for the UFL, I am proud to present to you this season's All League team, as voted by the coaching staff of the league.

To be all league is a massive honour for UFL players and we look forward to seeing these, and indeed all our players, go on to new heights in all they choose to do in the future.

First up is the All league Offence

Players also receiving votes were

QB - Elliott Duffey, Teddy Hope, Krishan Johnson

C - Noah Limon, Ryan Dawe

RB - Ben Remmer, Wisdom, Noah Limon, Panashe Gaihai

WR - Xavier Richards, Maksim Ivanov, Joe McDonagh, Panashe Gaihai

All League Defence

Players also receiving votes were

LB - Teddy Hope, Kallum Shaw, Miles Cluskey

DB - Joe McDonagh, Elliott Duffey, Jackson Laing, Louis Limon

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