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The final round of games prior to the Summer break brought a resurgence for the Mavs and a crash & burn for the table topping Hawks to leave every team with at least one win and one loss in the league.

Mavericks 34 - 12 Dragons

It is fair to say that the Mavs coaches or players never lost faith in the preceding two weeks despite them being 0-2 and it is easy to see why. Against a Dragons team without their talismanic playmaker Krishan Johnson, the Cattle had their Franchise Player Teddy Hope back, but it was Ben Remmer who was to be the player of the half when, following an interception of Elliott Duffey, he ran back the ball to the half way line, only to then run in the ball from 10 yards out only two plays later and give the Mavs a 6-0 lead. Duffey redeemed himself on the next drive, hitting Lewis Nicholson from 12 yards out to level it at 6.

Teddy Hope then led a three score combo, starting with a 30 yard run, followed on the next drive by tackling the mighty Noah Limon in the end zone for a safety. After the break he then handed off to Ben Remmer as he ran in from 30 yards out and the score was 20-6. Elliott Duffey brought the Dragons back with a 15 yard run, but with time running out and having to air the ball out to get back, the Dragons were vulnerable first the Mavs great Hope rifled one to Oskar Oldcorn and he juggled the ball on the run to catch and run in from 20 yards out, following that, a 30 yard Teddy Hope interception TD from a deep pass on first down followed by a complex flea flicker pass play which saw Maksim Ivanov hit Elijah Hubbard closed out the scoring and the Mavs were victorious 34-12.


MVPs: Mavericks - Oskar Oldcorn's unselfish move to Centre, great tackles and TD in the last seconds grabs him the honours. Dragons - Elliott Duffey was strong all day at QB and Linebacker. Special mentions to Noah and Lewis for their strong play all day.

Wolf pack 32 - 20 Hawks

The game that ended in #Controversy, but the UFL hierarchy are yet to be spoken to about this. The game started fairly much opposite to what the Hawks wanted, with the Double QB combo of Sam Smith and Owen Yarwood running two TDs in with a 2 PAT pass from Sam Smith to Xavier Richards to put the Howlers 14-0 up. A lead they would never give up. Matty Cooper responded with a pass to Alfie Thompson for the Hawks, But Joe McDonagh stamped the Pack's authority back on the game with a run for the TD and a 20-6 lead. Back came the Hawks again with Matty Cooper to Thompson and it's 20-12. Sam Smith found McDonagh not long after to restore the cushion at 26-12 but to make it close, the Cooper run followed by a Jackson run for the 2PAT made it a 6 point game 26-20. But Joe McDonagh stepped up again at the end to break the Hawks hearts on the last play and trigger the controversy over a gentlemen's agreement that was ignored by the Pack's young coaching staff - the details of which are sketchy at best and described by some onlookers as maybe a little tenuous. We are sure some more may come of this over the Summer break.

MVPs: Wolf Pack - Joe McDonagh. Hawks - Matty Cooper

So, we go into the Summer break now with the standings above. We look forward to seeing you all refreshed in a few weeks time and keep your eyes here for more photo's, stories, breaking news and interviews over the Summer.

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