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Happy 4th of July everybody! We preview next Saturday's fixtures with two mouthwatering games to look forward to, pitching the 1st placed 1-0 Wolf Pack against the third placed 0-1 Dragons and a 2nd vs 4th encounter with the 1-0 Hawks taking on the 0-1 Mavericks.

Hawks vs Mavericks

The Mavericks are current Ultimate Bowl champions, but how far have the mighty fallen? Only losing out by a score and last minute thrills to the Trophy holders the Wolf Pack in week one. The Hawks have drafted well this year and with a win in their first game, they hope to see their first round draft pick and last week's MVP Oscar O'Connor come up trumps again, with the Matty Cooper to O'Connor 1-2 combination paying dividends against the Dragons. Worth considering is that the Mavericks last time out were without Franchise player Teddy Hope and with Maksim Ivanov having to stand in at QB he did an admirable job, earning the MVP on the day, but unable to dedicate his time to his primary position on defence. How will this pan out? If Teddy Hope is back in the saddle this week, it could see a return to form for the Mavericks, but never write off a large and strong Hawks squad.

Dragons vs Wolf Pack

The Dragons lost out by two points in the dying seconds of their matchup with the Hawks last week. The Wolf Pack seemed to have the slightly more comfortable victory of week one's winners with a 6 point cushion and having the luxury of running out the clock in possession last week. You couldn't separate Owen Yarwood and Sam Smith in their first fixture either, both being given joint MVP and leading their team to a precious win. The Dragons, led by the prolific Elliott Duffey depend more on their youth and enthusiasm than the other teams in the UFL and it is this youth that could prove the factor with a punishing game on the line, Lewis Nicholson with the MVP was one of an even spread of glittering displays from the fire breathers - if Kailum Sandison is able to make the fixture this week it could blow the field wide open, what with him missing Week One's game. Another close one this week.... But the Wolf Pack may prove too robust for the upstart Dragons.

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