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When Sheldon Campbell announced he was to step down from the Head Coaching role with the high octane Thunder franchise at the weekend the clock started ticking, and when it did the speculation began - but all the while it seemed only one outcome was inevitable.

The worst kept secret in Leeds American Football is now finally out of the bag after many many hours of meetings between the UFL's head of personnel, Commissioner, franchise owners and their latest coaching appointments.

Bottomley & Fraser with the LBU "Team Of The Year" Award

Finally today, the league has announced the new Head Coaching appointments at the Thunder are the National Championship winning combination of Dale Bottomley and Andy Fraser.

Commissioner Cluskey has worked with Fraser & Bottomley for many years

As the Commissioner stepped up to the podium in the press centre to announce the appointment the room fell silent, but after the briefest of announcements, enveloped in compliments for Bottomley & Fraser - two men Cluskey has known since his days of coaching at Carnegie and into the Leeds Academy - it also transpired that there is to be a radical shake up at the Thunder franchise.

In a shock move, he announced that there was to be a major rebrand at the Thunder, akin to that of the Browns move to Baltimore in the NFL - "The new owners of the Thunder franchise have requested that they are able to stamp their own, unique, identity on the franchise and, subject to clearance by our legal team, we will be releasing further information on that before the weekend".

With that, he picked up his papers and left swiftly with his media team through to the lobby. We are unsure of any details as there has been little notice of this development from our usual sources but we will of course be here to break the news to you all as soon as we hear anything.

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