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Shockwaves have hit the UFL that may turn out to see some huge changes in the landscape of the league. In a leaked memo from UFL Towers, it has been discovered that Thunder Head Coach and National Championship winning Carnegie player Sheldon Campbell is to leave the UK after being Headhunted by the Finnish American Football team Jyväskylä Jaguars.

We approached the UFL commissioner, Mike Cluskey, as he was leaving UFL HQ this morning. Looking tired, he would merely comment 'We are in ongoing talks with new owners for the "Thunder" franchise' - he made the quote mark gesture with his hands as he said Thunder - 'but we will be making an announcement very soon.... be assured, our players and fans will be very happy with the replacements for Coach Campbell, who we wish all the best to for his new career in Finland'

Commissioner Cluskey - 'We are in ongoing talks with new owners for the "Thunder" franchise'

But this has thrown up some more key questions for UFL followers....

1. Why use quote marks when saying Thunder?

2. Who could possibly make a bigger impact than the popular Coach Sheldon at the franchise?

3. Finland? Really? It's freezing....

We will of course be across this developing story and will break any news right here.

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