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Bowl Week Kicks Off - Interviews with UFL "All League" team Players

The countdown has begun to the Ultimate Bowl game and the UFL Trophy with final OTA's and scrimmages taking place at the Academy Campus in Headingley, Leeds.

Between practices we managed to catch up with two of the stars of the UFL All League team, first of all Wolf Pack QB Owen Yarwood,

We then chatted with All League Centre Matty Cooper, also of the Wolf Pack.

Meanwhile, the players from all four UFL teams were practising ahead of their respective Bowl games, the inside scoop was to keep an eye out for the Thunder's Zak Thompson who pulled off a miraculous one handed catch for a score in his scrimmage, Gabriel Vassell and Noah Limon of the Mavericks with outstanding scores and Panashe Gaihai of the Wolf Pack showing he has tackling skills as well as his Offensive skillset.

See you all next weekend!

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