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It's the final week of the UFL I regular season and it couldn't be any tighter. With two teams on 3-2 playing two teams on 2-3 and so by the afternoon of tomorrow we could see the entire league finishing on 3-3 records.

It won't be easy though.


Week three saw the Thunder squeak past the Hawks in a 37 points to 31 victory. In essence Zak Thompson vs Bliss & Johnson. But with such a presence in Maksim Ivanov on defence and game changer Joe Smith the Hawks have got to fancy their chances this time, especially as they are coming off a huge victory against the Wolf Pack.

This game is too close to call, so it has to be our Game of the Week.


It seems apt that a new Wolverine film is coming to our cinema screens this week. The Wolf Pack's season has been worthy of a Hollywood rendering, with more ups and downs than a rollercoaster.

Nevertheless, they have shown some real grit after coming back from a 52 point shutout against the Thunder a fortnight ago to compete right up to the last two minutes last week against the Hawks. The Mavericks are on a real high at the moment, with the coaching duo of Yarwood and Smith bringing a serene contrast to the Howlers and a supremely confident display last week that took them past the Thunder last week could see the Mavs power past the Pack.

This one has Longhorns victory writ large across it, but with the Wolves featuring a former Delaware State Championship winning coaching duo from America on the sideline this week, there could be a final twist in this tale.

See you tomorrow.....

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