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When UFL Commissioner Mike Cluskey announced the brand new Academy league way back in the Autumn of 2016 few would have anticipated how close it would have been heading into the final week of the regular season. The league's decision to hold a combine and draft following the awarding of the initial four franchises has clearly been a contributory factor, along with the quality of the head coaches and staff brought in to lead them.

Incredibly, as we look forward to UFL I FINAL WEEK if results bear out there is the possibility of all the teams ending up with a 3 - 3 record and UFL HQ having to go to a tie breaker. The tie breaker goes as follows:

1. Points Difference

2. Points Against

3. Points For

5. Coin Toss

We will recap the first five weeks here, but for more detail please click through to read the game reports.

Commissioner Cluskey took a break from his hectic UFL schedule to talk to us, he said about the final week "We are all thrilled that the teams have had the opportunity to compete throughout the whole season", he went on to add "for them to understand the joy, thrill, disappointment and euphoria of competition in a safe and supportive atmosphere makes all the staff at the Leeds Academy satisfied that we have done our job".

All of us at the UFL Times wish the teams the best of luck for the Final Week of regular season competition and look forward to a great set of games on Saturday morning.

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