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League Standings after Week 4

Wolf Pack Head Coach Gaby Knops should have had a great weekend last week. A firmly established GB player, she was pulled away from the UFL sideline to camp with the Carnegie Chargers women's team in preparation for their regular season. In week one, her Howlers pipped the spread-tastic Thunder to the post and despite a recent blip, she hoped they would be able to do the same again.

The Thunder thought different, however, and 52 unanswered points later they powered their way to the top of the league. Well, the one thing you don't do is back a wounded Wolf into a corner, as it only has one way back and that is to come out fighting. With Field General Owen Yarwood wearing the Franchise player tag with aplomb, he will have spent the past 7 days planning and scheming against this week's opponents, Coach Shaw's Hawks, who themselves are coming off a tough Week 4 loss to the Mavericks, with weapons galore across the field and not just the person carrying the franchise tag - Zak "Box Jump" Thompson.

Last week's MVP for the Clouds was Oscar O'Connor who played out of his skin and both sides of the ball performed to shut out and score heavy against the Pack. But the Hawks have some pretty heavy weaponry themselves, including the ubiquitous Maksim Ivanov. who will be relishing the West Coast style offense he faces this week, given his penchant for picking off passes this year.

How will the Mavericks fare against the Thunder though? The storm clouds are bringing bolts this year, but still the Purple Cattle are breathing down their necks in second place. The diminutive Noah Limon was boxing way above his weight last week with tackles for loss and a pick from the Hawks QB to boot. With Gabriel "Speed Skater" Vassell, Dylan Walsh and last week's joint MVP Lewis Nicholson in fine form too there is much to play for here and the staff here at the UFL Times have named this as the Game of the Week.

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