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UFL 1 WEEK 4 Results

It's the weekend before Half term in Leeds, a time we at the Academy call the Twilight Zone. In this weekend and the weekend after anything is possible. We have had record breaking attendances, we have had a handful of the hardcore.

We were thrilled to see that there was only a minimal dip in numbers this week, BUT as you read on, you will note that a few key players were absent, leading to our first real big result of the year. The biggest news was a complete turn around in results from Week One's corresponding matchups.

Wolf Pack 0 - 52 Thunder Great Britain Women's camp came into play for the Howlers this week, Coach Gaby and Coach Steve called away for their country and crestfallen not to be able to lead their team into the fray. Another GB representative, Coach Sheldon led his powerful spread attack into the game and saw them build up a lead that just proved insurmountable that even the consistently strong Pack could not over come.

It is a cliche to say that a one sided game was not really representative of the true parity between the teams, but a series of breakaway runs for scores, pick sixes and every single planet in the galaxy aligning for the team in white today and even when key players were removed from the Thunder's huddle, they still managed to keep the ball going against the Pack. Be sure of one thing, the Howlers will bounce back, meanwhile the exciting Thunder clouds rain down thunderbolts from their heady position atop the table.

MVPs: Wolf Pack - Panashe Gaihai Thunder - Oscar O'connor

Mavericks 30 - 26 Hawks Almost... but not quite. Say what you will about "Kids today", we saw a fight back that almost equalled that of Tom Brady's Patriots in SB51 in this game. The Mavericks were ON FIRE in the first half, coming out of the gate like a championship bull with free agent Taylor flying 20 yards down field to open the scoring, followed by a pick six from the same player. The Hawks were reeling and two tackles for loss from miniature giant Noah Limon followed two plays later by an interception from the sub 4 foot beast plucking the feathers from their wings - scores from Lewis Nicholson and Dylan Walsh - and the halftime whistle saw them losing 24-6 to the Purple Cattle.

The fightback for the Hawks began in earnest and with a masterful display from senior Joe Bliss and an absolutely gargantuan defensive effort from Maksim Ivanov they clawed back to only one score - but they were crushed by another Lewis Nicholson Touchdown to make it 30-20. A two minute drill saw the Hawks smash another score home but by then it was too late and the Mavs were able to just run the ball and let the seconds tick away to clinch the victory.

MVPs: Mavericks - Noah Limon & Lewis Nicholson Hawks - Maksim Ivanov


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