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What a thrill, we had to keep it a secret but the Academy and the UFL had a special visit today from BBC Children's TV programme Blue Peter. Everyone had an awesome day and we all want to thank everyone for really having fun for the cameras. We got a lovely message from them:

''Hi All,

Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved with the making of this film. The filming day went down great, even with the classic Leeds weather. Both the children and women’s team were amazing and did everything asked of them. Lindsey had loads of good things to say about the club, players and coaching staff and thought it was a really nice set up you have down there.

Harold’s just played me the film and it looks awesome. It’ll go out Thursday at 5pm so make sure to watch.

Thanks again and make sure to watch! (Even if it’s just to see Lindsey fly through the air again)

Chris Simpson │Film Team Runner │Blue Peter''

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