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Pre Season proper started today with the registration of all free agent players and the UFL II Combine this morning. In sunny and breezy conditions, the athletes set the field on fire with a fine display of their speed, strength and skill, with broken PBs aplenty.

A strong field of returning and brand new talent made sure competition was at it's highest, with players keen to impress the watching UFL scouts. It was also the first opportunity to see the UFL coaching leaders in action, assisting their players admirably throughout the morning.

With two weeks to the Draft, there was also a rumour circulating the camp that a shock announcement regarding the coaching lineups in the UFL was going to be made by the League Commissioner in the coming few days.

Despite this reporter pressing him for clarification on the rumours, he batted ours and the press corp's questions with generic statements, but later maybe hinted at a very high profile new HC and staff being imminent and was seen in deep discussion with two particular candidates with championship pedigree. There is more to come we are sure.

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