UFL Combine Results

UFL Combine Results are in. The number crunchers at UFL Towers have been collating the results from today and they have been sent out to the 4 Franchises.

Here are the top 5 from the Standing Jump

Cooper Cameron 65 Sandison Kailum 64 Bliss Joe 63 Landau Reeve 61 Remmer Ben 61

Here are the top 5 from the 3 Cone Drill

Gent-Larroche Louis 4.71 Remmer Ben 4.94 McDonagh Joseph 5.28 Landau Reeve 5.31 Sandison Kailum 5.45

Here are the top 5 from the 20 Yard Dash.

Sandison Kailum 2.90 Ivanov Maksim 3.00 Landau Reeve 3.00 Bliss Joe 3.00 Remmer Ben 3.00


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