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As the last remnants of Storm Doris blew across the Leeds Academy campus in Headingley, the four UFL I franchises gathered to play out the final fixtures of the regular season. What did we expect? The unexpected of course.



A three point spread was pretty much called by the Vegas crowd, so no surprises there. And the inevitable also played out on 'Big Blue' as a slugfest took place with Sam Smith taking the helm at QB for the Thunder - Cam Cooper missing this week for them - the Clouds taking an early lead 6-0 with a throw to the human spring that is Zak Thompson. Of course, the ubiquitous Krishan Johnson hit back swiftly with a pass to Maksim Ivanov and a converted PAT to Joe Smith. 6-7 Hawks.

Zak Thompson ran one in for the Thunder, but an interception return on the PAT for the Hawks made it 12-8 and shortly after Johnson ran in the ball to put the Hawks ahead for the first time 12-14. Sam Smith threw another TD this time to Gent Larroche to give the Thunder the lead again, but again the Hawks hit back with a Joe Smith catch from Johnson and on the PAT Joe Bliss stepped in to the QB spot to toss one to Johnson at WR. 18-21 Hawks.

But this was the last time the Hawks had the lead.... Charlie and Zak Thompson running and passing their way to victory twice, with the Hawks only able to score once more through Johnson and Joe Smith. So, 31-28 and the Thunder solidified their top spot and condemned a potent Hawks team to the bottom spot in the league.

MVPs Charlie Thompson - Thunder. Krishan Johnson - Hawks


With Both HC and AHC for the Pack away with the Carnegie women's team, Coach Dom Bonvetti stepped in to take the sideline, with High School and NCAA coaching experience, as well as a spell in the MLB with the Pirates it was great for the Wolf Pack to have him there to guide them. And push them he did.

After conceding points galore in their previous few outings the Howlers shut down the Mavs with extreme prejudice. Angus Read, Panashe Gaihai and #1 Draft Pick Kailum Sandison were the difference makers for the Pack, with Owen Yarwood an absolute rock at Quarterback despite the best efforts of Luis Shipley on the Mav's defence..

The Mavericks O with Elliot Duffey at QB showed flashes of their usual brilliance, with a Duffey to Devos TD as their only score and Reeve Landau weighing in on defence with two picks. But it was all too much to battle past the Wall of Wolves who shut down with extreme prejudice

MVPs Luis Shipley - Mavericks. Owen Yarwood - Wolf Pack

Thanks to all the UFL fans who braved the weather today, we look forward to seeing them all soon when the playoffs begin.

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